About me

Personal Info

Hi, my name's David Canela, I'm a game designer. I also compose music and create sound effects for games. Currently, I'm working on MODSORK, a dual-stick arcade game.


Gaming Background

Games have always played an important role in my life. I've played pen & paper roleplaying games since I was 12. While trying out a large variety of systems and settings (AD&D, Shadowrun, White Wolf stuff, etc.) was fun, over time, we also started developing our very own rule systems and worlds. I suppose those were my first conscious forays into game design, and soon the act of creating turned out to be at least every bit as satisfying for me as the playing itself.


Aside from RPGs, I've always enjoyed a plethora of games such as board games, pc and console games, tcgs and tabletop war games. Playing UT2k4 competitively sparked my interest in level design, in the same way that playing Dawn of War multiplayer got me interested in the finer intricacies of (multiplayer) balancing.

Professional Backround

It's with that background that after my law degree and some professional experience in that field, I decided to change careers and work on something I felt truly passionate about. So I enlisted at the Games Academy in Frankfurt and afterwards got some experience as a freelancer, in 2012 also as a game designer at 5d labs GmbH in 2012. In 2013 a part-time job reduced the time I could invest in game development. Since 2014 I've been able to fully dedicate myself to my indie game project and freelance work.