FENRIR Soundtrack

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Designing the Soundtrack

FENRIR has a very melancholy plot, so the music had to transport a sense of sadness, of being lost. It is all about the main character, a lone mystical wolf that is being hunted by the gods and is searching for the one place where he will be safe. I translated this into music by having one main instrument, a solo violin, in most of the tracks, and the rest being arranged around it.


There are no enemies in FENRIR. The pace of the game is quite calm and the number of possible interactions is limited. At any given point in time, the player can relax and take in the scenery, enjoy the ambience. This means there is little need to reserve areas of the frequency spectrum for informative soundfx, the mix is not busy, so there is lots of room for the main character’s sounds and the music.


For those interested in the technical aspects: the Soundtrack was created with ableton live 8, eastwest sample libraries and an absynth 5 patch or two.

FENRIR Sound Effects

here's some (lo-fi) sfx examples:


Designing the Sound Effects

The audio focus of FENRIR was the music, since the game was all about conveying emotions, and less about making the virtual world feel real. In the end, all sound effects were samples that I layered, pitch-shifted, equalized etc.