Audio: Other Music

Long March of the Sirtassi:

More pen&paper rpg music. The images in my mind were of a large caravan of people, seen from a distance, as they march on through the desert, driven from their homeland. made in Reason 3.


Hymn to Kthon:

An exercise, I wanted this to sound like church music. Kthon is a mythological figure from an rpg world I once designed.


Crystal Cathedral:

An eerie place, deep underground. Walls of crystal refracting the light that appears to come from everywhere and nowhere, as little drops of water drip from their pointy tips...



Like the others, designed to be used while playing pen&paper rpgs. The first part is more ambiance/underscore, later there's a more musical part. Made in Reason 2.5 or 3...



A little rock guitar music, inspired by a woman, what else is new ;). It's really old, but I added it for the sake of variety and because it's the first thing I remember recording. Please pardon my intonation and timing...


A little Something:

Another old guitar track.